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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Many of HR’s challenges can be traced back to flaws in the recruitment process. Recruitment is the most strategic function of HR; it makes or breaks businesses, and it is often all wrong, especially at small businesses.

Most employers in 2022 are desperately trying to fill the gaps. Consumer demand remains high, but talent supply has suddenly dissipated. These conditions leave employers with a dilemma…Do we hire just to PATCH the skills gaps? or do we outsource to an expert, who knows our business needs and culture, who knows the market, to FILL the skills gaps?

empact hr has a service offering that may be just what your business needs to go to the next level, RPO. RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourced, is less costly than going to a recruiting company or hiring a full-time recruiter internally; it’s scalable and flexible, it works on set fees that won’t make you want to low-ball the best candidates, just to avoid costly commissions. RPO is all about outsourcing a strategic function of your business to experts of the market, people who already know your business, who have embedded themselves into your workplace through an ongoing relationship that is the hallmark of Crescent’s and empact hr’s customer service philosophy.

Supposed advantages of hiring
a recruiter internally are:

  • Maybe they buy into your business’ mission and vision and recruit with vigor
  • Maybe they properly document the recruiting process to protect your business
  • Maybe they write job ads like they’re seasoned marketers, while properly representing the job needing filled

Supposed advantages of contracting
an external recruiting company:

  • Maybe they’ll get your mission and vision

  • Maybe they’ll be more interested in your business’ bottom line than their profit opportunities

  • Maybe they’ll effectively sell your opportunity to the best candidates

  • Maybe their best candidates will get funneled to your tiny business that can’t pay as much as the big guys

empact hr’s RPO services come in two forms

Project RPO

A more traditional outsourced recruiter relationship for businesses who need the one-off hire, but they don’t want to retain a recruiter resource long term, and they want flexibility to terminate if they see the service is ineffective. In this case, empact charges 20% of the first-year salary of each placed hire.

Partial Cycle Total RPO

For businesses who need more intensive support, longer term, for more than one position. empact charges $1000.00 per month retainer plus 10% of projected first year salary and requires a 6-month commitment. In this dynamic, the empact recruiter spends time monthly on site, working with stakeholders and hiring managers to really understand the employer’s needs.

What we have saved our clients 

One Manufacturing client would have paid over $60,000 in only 6 months on around
5 roles. We filled all open roles within 3 months, and charged less than $15,000

One Medical client would have paid over $54,500 on only 3 office admin placements. We filled all open positions within 6 months, and charged less than $15,000.


What are the advantages in short of RPO?

Improved hiring time
we know the market. And we usually have a pipeline of interested candidates.

Increased candidate quality
we know people.

Verifiability recruiting metrics
we track and document everything. We provide employers visibility into the multi-layered recruitment process, so business leaders can make informed and strategic decisions.

Substantially reduced
costs to hire
with RPO, you’re sharing the significant costs of recruitment with other employers, rather than shouldering the salary of a full-time internal recruiter.

your needs fluctuate. Don’t
get locked into a long-term salary when your business’ needs can change overnight.

Strategic support
recruiting is about more than just posting ads, it’s about carefully crafting an employer brand that is sustainable and competitive, so you can attract the very best talent. empact is the GNO expert on employer branding.

Process support
if you feel your process is already strong, you probably don’t need RPO experts. RPO experts will identify kinks in your strategy and process quickly and deploy the right tools and resources to fix.

How should my business think about RPO?


Know why your company needs recruiting help.

It’s important to evaluate your hiring needs before seeking outside help. Doing so will align the expectations of your management team and prepare you to choose and direct the right recruitment partner. This is called Workforce Planning. This is also something RPO partners can help with, helping you identify what’s missing at your business and what talent can do to fill the gaps.

Explore reasons for considering outsourcing some or all of your recruiting process, and then rank them by priority.

Examples include:

  • Your internal resources are over-taxed.
  • You foresee an increase in hiring activity.
  • Your management team wants a more accountable, consistent option than traditional internal recruiters, contract recruiters or agencies.
  • You want to improve the way you track hiring metrics like recruiting quality, speed, and cost.

Empact hr RPO Options

Project, Partial Cycle

Our RPO service is designed to work in partnership with the Client to accomplish the Company’s recruiting goals. Here is a brief summary of how that relationship is typically managed:

    • create and post job ads that accurately represent the job and your business.
    • source applicants.
    • screen resumes and qualify applicants for candidacy.
    • conduct initial phone screens.
    • proffer successful candidates’ resumes and our notes from initial screening to the client.
    • document the hiring decision and continues as agreed with the requisition or new requisitions.

What’s included?

  • Recruiting expertise
  • Needs assessment
  • Skills gaps analyses
  • Workforce planning tools
  • Job Description rewrite
  • Job Ad crafting and posting, targeting appropriate job board
  • Initial resume screening /
    qualification of candidates
  • Initial phone screening
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Provide hiring decisions
    and process support
  • Advise on background screening / personality testing
  • Provide onboarding documents / process support
  • Provide compensation advice
  • Provide relevant market data

How would you use the additional savings on recruiting to reinvest in other areas of your business?

Schedule time with Philip Carrillo to learn more about empact hr RPO.

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